About us


The Québec Manufacturing Fund is an investment fund dedicated to leveraging the growth potential of companies operating in Québec’s manufacturing sector. We do this by making capital investments and by cultivating a true partnership between our experienced professionals and the management teams of the businesses we back.



Integrity refers not only to honesty, a principle of fundamental importance to us, but also to our ability to uphold our commitments, no matter what kind of pressure or outside challenge we are called upon to face.


We are courteous and considerate in all of our dealings with our partners and foster a climate rooted in consensus, transparency and communication. We promote a productive, pleasant and collaborative work environment.


Passion is the energy that pushes us to go the extra mile, to think outside the box and to strive for excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to share this passion with you and channel it in a way that contributes to your success.


Our unique insight into the manufacturing sector comes from years of experience in business management. We are driven to continuously broaden our knowledge of best practices and make this information available to you to help you get ahead.


We derive a great deal of satisfaction from the results we achieve at every level. We start by defining opportunities, establishing a plan and tracking our outcomes. We then build further on these results to excel an ongoing basis.


The Québec Manufacturing Fund (QMF) was set up in 2006, with an initial capital of $100 million and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec as its main sponsor. We have since made a decisive contribution to the growth of Québec’s manufacturing companies. In September 2014, an additional $100 million was used to create a second fund, and the team welcomed two new associates.

Our financial partner is the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Canada’s largest institutional investor.



  • Manufacturing companies with more than $20 million in annual sales
  • Headquartered in Québec
  • Investment of $5 million to $15 million*
  • Minority equity and subordinated debt investment
  • Potential for growth and increased productivity
*Potential of co-investing with financial partners for higher investment.


A management team’s level of engagement is a determining factor in the success of its growth-oriented initiatives. That is why we:

  1. Coach company executives as they develop their projects and articulate the corresponding courses of action.
  2. Set up and execute a financing solution attuned to company needs This solution always includes a substantial equity investment, although the FMQ never acquires more than a minority stake so that control remains firmly in the hands of existing shareholders
  3. Work with the management team and leverage our operational and financial expertise to implement action plans.

The Québec Manufacturing Fund is a premier partner, working hand in hand with the management team of manufacturing companies with annual revenues of more than $20 million.


  1. A collaborative, partnership-based approach
  2. A multidisciplinary team (operations, supply chain, business development, finance)
  3. An extensive network of contacts
  4. Expertise in :
    • Business development and exports
    • Production optimization
    • Executive coaching
    • Company mergers and acquisitions
    • New product development process
    • Business succession and transfer
  5. A patient investor: We take the time to build strong, successful teams
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